Waggle Dance Co provides performing arts workshops for Primary Schools.

Initially supported by The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme

Waggle Dance Co - Dancing bee A

Nobody invented Dance. It is deep in the heart of every culture… part of the pulse of humanity.

Waggle Dance Co - Dancing bee B

Offering interactive storytelling through creative learning aimed at KS1+ KS2 pupils.

Our mission is to share our love for the performing arts and promote FITNESS, FOCUS, FREEDOM in interactive storytelling and creative movement workshops.

The classes are an instrument of expression and communication – the motive always joy.

Waggle Dance Co - Pupil in mindfulness workshop set in classroom


Dancing, singing and acting can make a positive impact on a child’s development.

Inspiring a lifetime of skills

creative outlet

a source of relaxation


improved coordination & balance

social benefits

mental dexterity

Why Waggle Dance?

The Waggle Dance is when the Queen Bee shows the rest of the hive where to locate flowers – she gives them a sense of direction and something to aim for.

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Waggle Dance Co - Dancing bee A
Waggle Dance Co - Dancing bee B