Waggle Dance Co provides performing arts workshops for Primary Schools.

Initially supported by The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme

Waggle Dance Co - Dancing bee A

Nobody invented Dance. It is deep in the heart of every culture… part of the pulse of humanity.

Waggle Dance Co - Dancing bee B

Waggle Dance Co provides storytelling & creative dance workshops. Our mission is to inspire, encourage & co-create with very young artists.

Designed for 5- 11 year olds ( KS1 + KS2 Pupils) we promote mental & physical wellbeing. The classes are an instrument of expression & communication.


We believe performing arts has a positive impact on a child’s development.

Motivating a lifetime of skills:

creative outlet

a source of relaxation


self awareness

improved coordination & balance

social benefits

mental dexterity


Why Waggle Dance?

When Bees communicate they dance! The Waggle Dance is a bee Satnav. So when a Bee wants to tell the rest of the hive where to locate a food source, they perform a figure of eight dance . The waggle run will be specific to the direction of the flowers and the angle of the sun.

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Waggle Dance Co - Dancing bee A
Waggle Dance Co - Dancing bee B