It was the novelty of leaving the house for the whole day that had me excited to get to a real life dance class. Packed lunch and breakfast bars ready from the night before – new uniform and a giddiness to get working in a creative space once more. Last week, I travelled to Luton […]

Waggle Dance Co friends


This one’s for all the dance parent’s, carers and guardians out there. I know first-hand how much dedication goes into ‘dance class’. From the age of 4, I went to dance class every Saturday, then took private lessons and from exams to shows to competitions and back around again. My Mum had to be there […]

Waggle Dance Co - Group exercises to music - warmed up by dance teacher


I feel that the more you practise something the easier it gets (most of the time). So last week I pitched my Business Plan to my friend. Once the initial shock of “I’ve done it” passed there were lots of little bits to tidy – up and work on, I realised this is something I […]

Waggle Dance Co - Primary school dance classes


My family is big. Spreading the length of the UK from the Highlands of Inverness through to the Capital down South. I have lot of nephews and nieces, cousins with babies and being part of the Kids WhatsApp group is one of the best things! You can never tell what the next video will be […]

Waggle Dance Co - Group of dancers jumping to promote healthy lifestyle in education


All of this started out as a dream of being on stage. When I was younger, like many children I wanted to go to Dance lessons. From Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz I loved all of it. The leotards, buns and extravagant costumes were just the icing on the cake. We didn’t have the likes […]

Waggle Dance Co - Team building choreography in dance lesson


How scary is it going back to school? It shouldn’t be just because you have a new classroom or a new teacher. The principles are the same right? You’ll get to socialise with all your classmates again (within 2 metres) and go out in the playground. But since the Covid-19 pandemic began pupils will have […]

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