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Hello & happy new year! We have something very exciting to tell you. The application to National Lottery Project Grant through Arts Council England was successful! This is big news. I applied as an individual to develop an idea I've had in mind, for quite some time. The link between body & mind, the connection […]

Joy Incoming - Waggle Dance Company


A creative space for self-love & happiness returns. Coming up next is the end of summer festival season. Waggle Dance Co will be contributing at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival in Tatton Park. We’re dancing over at the Children’s Corner, and we can’t wait! Back in July we were ecstatic to be involved at Happy […]

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As it is nearly the May bank holiday & it’s coming up to the half-way point in our year, I have tried to become more efficient with my time. I’ve decided to work smarter & not harder. Here with the help of my own personal AI I have the whole internet (up until 2021) as […]

Waggle Dance Well-being hero


Last month I had the opportunity to attend Performing medicines arts and culture training programme within Enfield. Hosted by Dr Amy Mallett and Carly Annable-Coop. As a founder and choreographer, I am delighted to get to work in a team. I met a fantastic community of artists and CICs that are part of Enfield borough […]

Bee Creative - Waggle Dance Co


Who here is ready to say goodbye to Summer? Not me, it’s been an absolute scorcher. From festivals & seeing family to getting to grips with Tiktok. This Summer has flown by. I always get that same feeling come September like I need a full on overhaul of stationery, some new shoes perhaps? And I […]

Summer is Here hero


After having a wonderful dance workshop recently, I had to stop & reflect on how farwe’ve come. From online classes & events for international festivals during the 1styear after the pandemic; we are now working within schools & finally taking ourcreative movement sessions to Museums & Heritage sites. It’s exciting to see whatwould be our […]


It was the novelty of leaving the house for the whole day that had me excited to get to a real life dance class. Packed lunch and breakfast bars ready from the night before - new uniform and a giddiness to get working in a creative space once more. Last week, I travelled to Luton […]

Waggle Dance Co friends


This one’s for all the dance parent’s, carers and guardians out there. I know first-hand how much dedication goes into ‘dance class’. From the age of 4, I went to dance class every Saturday, then took private lessons and from exams to shows to competitions and back around again. My Mum had to be there […]

Waggle Dance Co - Group exercises to music - warmed up by dance teacher


I feel that the more you practise something the easier it gets (most of the time). So last week I pitched my Business Plan to my friend. Once the initial shock of "I've done it" passed there were lots of little bits to tidy - up and work on, I realised this is something I […]

Waggle Dance Co - Primary school dance classes


My family is big. Spreading the length of the UK from the Highlands of Inverness through to the Capital down South. I have lot of nephews and nieces, cousins with babies and being part of the Kids WhatsApp group is one of the best things! You can never tell what the next video will be […]